Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scripture Cake

One of my regrets in life is that I didn't have a chance to get to know my husband's extended family.  We lived in the same town as both of our parents, but his extended family lived in other states across the country, and we just didn't see them often.

I only met his maternal grandmother once.  Apparently she was quite a character.  In a good way.  We have a quilt she made that won a ribbon at a county fair.  She was quite a cook, and like to write poetry too.

When my mother in law passed, my father in law gave me all of her cookbooks and recipes.  That in itself was a treasure, but buried in that pile of cookbooks was Grandma's Farm Ledger Cookbook.  It was a plain ledger that she used to keep track of household expenses.  But she also wrote down her poems, stories, lists and recipes.  It was the most interesting personal journal I've ever had the pleasure to read.

I didn't feel that it belonged to me, however.  My mother in law had several siblings, and I felt that I owed it to them to return it.  As much as I loved that book, I was sure that those siblings would want such a great piece from their mother's kitchen.  Before I returned it, though, I went through and copied as many of her poems, stories and recipes as I could.

Even though I didn't get to know Grandma personally, I feel like I know her better now that I have had the opportunity to read through her farm ledger cookbook.

This recipe is one that came out of Grandma Gore's cookbook.

Scripture Cake

4 1/2 Cups of 1 Kings 4:22
1 Cup of Judges 5:25
2 Cups of Jeremiah 6:20
2 Cups of 1 Samuel 30:12
2 Cups of Nahum 3:12
2 Cups of Numbers 17:8
2 Tbsp of 1 Samuel 14:25
1 tsp of Leviticus 2:13
6 of Jeremiah 17:11
1/2 tsp of Judges 4:19
2 tsp of Amos 4:5
2 tsp of 2 Chronicles 9:9

Ingredients are found entirely in the Old Testament.  Look up each scripture to understand what ingredients to use.  Mix as for any fruit cake.  Bake slowly in a moderate (375 degree) oven until done.

PS.  I understand these directions are not very clear.  Apparently when this was written, the original author felt that anyone would understand how to mix and how long to bake this cake.  I left it as is because I want to preserve the historical integrity of the recipe.  There is one footnote to this recipe in the original cookbook.  It is as follows:

Ingredients in above order are:  flour, butter, sugar, raisins, figs, almonds, honey, salt, eggs, milk, leaven (baking powder), spice.

Good luck if you try this cake.  I think it would be fun to try as a kitchen project with kids, grandkids, or a Sunday School or Youth Group class.

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